WEB-CAB creates smart solutions specifically designed for the woodworking and kitchen cabinet industry. Our solutions complete the fonctions of your ERP system and can optimize your business processes.

When it comes to taking orders, managing sales, planning office and factory tasks and overseeing delivery, the WEB-CAB suite’s different assistants (modules) enable you to oversee your company in real time. Optimize the perfomance of your business to increase your profits. This lets you deliver your customized orders as quickly as possible.

Our development strategy is directly based on our customers’ needs, wants, comments and feedbacks.

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Optimize communication between buyers, sellers and distributors.

WEB-CAB’s point-of-sales (POS) assistant optimizes communication between buyers, sellers and distributors. With the cost estimating module and a customizable smart catalogue that is adapted to the woodworking and kitchen cabinet industry, you have a direct link to your suppliers and your CAD/CAM software. You can lock up your sales by quoting the right price from the start as well as determine your cost price.


Manage office and factory activities with dynamic calendars.

WEB-CAB lets you centralize your calendars. The dynamic, customized activities calendar is based on Google Calendar technology. With the planning assistant, every sector has its own synchronized calendar. The calendar graphics can be fully adapted to match each employee’s job and needs. Depending on the delivery date, the calendar sets the critical path for all your sector’s activities (office or factory). You get task deadlines that take into account every phase’s restrictions and variables. Users each have the information they need to plan upcoming operations and complete their activities.


Get a real-time, 360° view of your factory’s operations.

Control and view your entire production, eliminate physical files and follow your projects’ progress in real time.

Based on UPC technology (barcode), this software lets you monitor products’ progress inside your factory, from the start of production to delivery.


Monitor, measure and analyze the growth of every department in your company.

With the administration assistant, you can measure, compare and generate statistics. You can assess the productivity of your departments (production, sales, marketing, etc.) and analyze sales targets, product advancement, your customer portfolio as well as potential and actual sales. SQL databases enable you to record and keep every order history. This way, you can select and personalize reports by doing a database query. Furthermore, you can automate the production of reports to receive them via email for the desired period.


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WEB-CAB is known for its customer service and its collaborative vision. Whether it is with our dedicated trainers or our technical support professionals, you will always get service of unrivalled quality. Our motto: “Technology is powered by people.”