Monitor, measure and analyze the growth of every department in your company.

With the administration assistant, you can measure, compare and generate statistics. You can assess the productivity of your departments (production, sales, marketing, etc.) and analyze sales targets, product advancement, your customer portfolio as well as potential and actual sales. SQL databases enable you to record and keep every order history. This way, you can select and personalize reports by doing a database query. Furthermore, you can automate the production of reports to receive them via email for the desired period.

Manage office and factory activities with dynamic calendars.
Thanks to the E-MOTION3D catalogue virtualize your creations and your 3D designs in a virtual showroom.

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Ensuring that orders are placed is akey task in your operations. Has it been done? Is it done at the right time?

WEB-CAB’s purchase assistant allows you to use the information of your different company purchase needs with regard to hardware, materials, assembly products, maintenance, office equipment, etc.

  • Use your inventory management to identify purchase needs.
  • Generate purchase orders by project and supplier.
  • Receive your supplier invoices, and compare them with the orders you placed.
  • Import and/or export product lists.
  • Link WEB-CAB to your accounting system.


Cost price

We understand that the cost price for a kitchen cabinet has to be integrated into the cabinet product catalogue. That is why WEB-CAB enlisted accounting firms to help develops specialized methodology that lets you calculate the cost price of kitchen cabinets. This enables you to determine the right price for both made-to-measure and standard products.

The cost price is calculated as follows:

  • Cost of materials, including natural losses according to product specifications
  • Costs of processing in the factory, equipment, labour
  • Hardware
  • Products related to the cabinet order
  • Quality control
  • Sales and marketing expenses
  • Administrative expenses
  • Customer service
  • Target profit



The SQL databases record the complete history of all your orders, making it possible for you to follow their progress throughout the manufacturing process. You can generate customizable reports (statistics) for every step of the project. Hence, you have it all at your fingertips: manufacturing time frame, unusable, damaged or out of stock parts, and every work station’s productivity in terms of sales as well as production.

The report assistant has an impressive array of reports adapted to the woodworking and kitchen cabinet industry’s needs.

  • Dashboard
  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Reports
  • Production
  • Planning



Get a real-time, 360° view of your factory’s operations.



  • Armoires DLM

    WEB-CAB has become the heart of our company.

    – Nicolas Marcoux

  • Industries Qualifab

    The WEB-CAB system is easy to use and delegating the bidding phase is simple.

    – Mario De Blasio

  • APH Cabinets

    We have reduced off our delivery time by 2 days! Thanks to WEB-CAB Solutions!
    – Sonia Prud’homme







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