New software version – WEB-CAB V2017

New software version – WEB-CAB V2017


  • New image of the interface: uniform buttons.
  • Installation optimization: calculation of the installation by product type.
  • Importing Design Version 20/20 11.
  • Optimizing commissions: automatic calculation of sales commissions on transactions.
  • Improved export functions to CAM and CAD / CAM
  • mass change module improved and more accurate.
  • Depending on the view associated accessories boxes.
  • Several other improvements.



  • Sales Planning.
  • Planning service calls.
  • Planning with the production assistant.
  • Can scan a job number to indicate a complete task.
  • Changes the installer from the event.
  • The event in progress can be grouped into an event.
  • Moves events / progress and affect other progress.
  • Lets see the events completed or not and those delays.
  • Selects more than one view of progress at a time.
  • New configuration window.
  • Allows for days of impacts depending on the type of client.
  • Having a summary of delays in essence.
  • Synchronization with Google Calendar 2 directions.
  • Having user “viewer” only.
  • Lets see all the calendars without administrator.
  • Calendar now dissociated from the sales assistant, independent.
  • Several other improvements.



  • Table Edges real-time and delayed result of production (Swing your production -Measure your production quality).
  • Grouping components into subsets.
  • Functionality “Sorting”.
  • ranking management “mobile rack.”
  • Import from Excel or text file.
  • Project Import Wood CAD / CAM.
  • Visual 3D drawing of a Cabinet Vision.
  • New key management.
  • Adding to the filter warning center to see only parts B / O or damaged.
  • In import Microvellum 7 allow you to import the “work order name” or “job name”.
  • New project information window and ability to budget time allocation per project.
  • The Planning Wizard accessed from the production assistant
  • Several other improvements.