The expertise of Web-Cab highlighted in an article of the Nouvelliste newspaper of Trois-Rivières

TROIS-RIVIÈRES – Web-Cab,  a Mirabel, QC-based developer of intelligent solutions adapted to the cabinetmaking and kitchen cabinet industry, has been generating buzz in the wood manufacturing industry across North America. It’s computerization systems weave workers and production technology into a smooth-working operation that yields dramatic increases in productivity. This process of updating manufacturing is known as Industry 4.0, part of a broad trend across all manufacturing sectors,

A good example is the recent implementation of its solutions at Cuisico in Trois-Rivières, which has attracted the attention of several players in the cabinetry industry. They who took advantage of an open house recently to live the 4.0 experience.

“All the staff have adapted to this technology,” said Mario Bellemare, general manager of this Trois-Rivières kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturer.

From order taking, sales management, planning of office and / or factory tasks and delivery control, the various components of the Web-Cab software suite allow for real-time monitoring of the company’s operations. The idea is to optimize production performance both to increase profit, and improve customer satisfaction.

The system “modernizes the plant with a technological solution,” says Web-Cab product specialist Charles-Alexandre Cloutier. “Our solutions simplify the process, saving time and delivering custom orders as quickly as possible.”

Cloutier says in particular the Production Assistant component of Web-Cab’s suite of solutions has proven that it is possible to significantly increase production capacity using the same resources and the same plant area as before, by simply connecting the tools already in place in the factory with Web-Cab technology. Based on the principles of lean manufacturing, the Production Assistant optimizes the manufacturing process from sale to delivery.

“As skilled labor has become increasingly difficult to find, the Production Assistant is also an excellent solution to the labor shortage in the manufacturing sector because it provides instructions for very imaginative step by step assembly, “says Cloutier.

This allows plants to hire less experienced staff and / or from other industries without affecting quality or productivity.

“On the other hand, one of the features that makes the Production Assistant unique is that it can be fully integrated and functional in the business in just a few days,” Cloutier points out.

The Web-Cab team recently won the 2018 Most Innovative Software Award of Excellence at the 2018 IWF International Woodworking Show in Atlanta. The award-winning software is called Production Coach (the brand used in sales of the Production Assistant in the United States).

The world-renowned IWF Challengers Award of Distinction highlights the outstanding performance of companies that have distinguished themselves by developing innovative technologies that have helped advance the wood industry.

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